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Sensible Medical Innovations’ ReDS™ Vest

Being able intelligently, accurately and easily monitor heart failure patients’ lung fluid in real-time has the potential to reduce specialist overload, improve patient diagnosis and care, and significantly reduce costs.

ReDS vest

In partnership with THN, Cone Health was the first in the nation to implement Sensible Medical Innovations’ Remote Dielectric Sensing (ReDS™) Wearable System for multiple patients at point-of-care. This FDA-approved system allows health care providers to accurately, quickly and non-invasively measure lung fluid in patients.

Adapted from the military’s “see-through-wall” technology, the ReDS™ system is a game changer for providers and patients. Armed with a vest and proper protocols, community providers in a variety of settings – including the home, clinic or emergency department – have better diagnostic ability and can refine assessments, which improves heart failure care. For patients, this means quicker, more appropriate treatments, ranging from medication adjustments to more aggressive responses. Some can stay home rather than be hospitalized. Also, cardiologists, internal medicine physicians and other specialists can focus more time on high-risk patients.

THN received the 2017 National Association of ACO’s Innovation Award for its home health ReDS™ system strategy.