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KPN Optimize® Point of Care

The KPN Optimize® Point of Care tool provides aggregated, succinct and real-time patient data. With this information, you can make informed patient care decisions, collaborate efficiently and effectively, eliminate duplicate or unnecessary services and reduce costs.

With timely, insightful patient snapshots, you can quickly get up to speed on health histories to better inform patient visits. You can remind patients of preventative care measures and address treatment adherence issues.

KPN Optimize® Point of Care uses the latest secure technology to integrate up-to-date patient data that can be accessed by any provider location with authorized access. The tool derives data from multiple sources, including electronic medical record data, claims, laboratory reports and radiology to deliver the most recent, on-demand patient information.

With the standard form, you can see the following at a glance:

  • Primary care appointments
  • Diagnoses, medications and laboratory history
  • Gaps in healthcare based on best practice recommendations, risk measures and compliance and medication adherence
  • Updates on patient procedures, screenings and tests

With a partially customizable point of care report page, you can optimize settings to show laboratory results, procedures and vaccines. Preference settings include patient encounters, referral tracker and THN care management.

To request KPN Optimize® Point of Care access, complete this form and email it to The quality team will contact you with additional instructions to complete your request.