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Commitments and Benefits

When your practice commits to THN, you can enjoy all the benefits of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

THN physicians and practices agree to:

  • Practice evidence-based medicine.
  • Provide claims data and report quality measures.
  • Actively participate in THN’s clinical integration programs, initiatives and measures.
  • Attend meetings and performance feedback sessions.
  • Maintain an active email address and review our communications.
  • Accept decisions made by physicians in the THN committee settings.
  • Be flexible and share ideas.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and hospitals.
  • Act with professionalism.

THN physicians and practices benefit from:

  • Participating in decisions about quality initiatives.
  • Using a clinical performance reporting system to achieve physician quality goals.
  • Better health care decision-making support based on improved data and processes.
  • Information transparency to compare practice measures to benchmarks.
  • Quality bonuses that link reimbursement and performance.
  • Proactive transition to a value-based system via THN’s established measures.
  • Supporting current and future patients with improved clinical quality.
  • Enhance revenue through better reporting of quality outcomes.
  • Engage in joint contracting for performance-based incentives.
  • Advance Care Planning Provider Incentive – In pilot phase. Availability to entire network with be announced after the pilot is complete.