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Network Structure & Governance

THN Organizational Structure

Board of Managers

The Triad HealthCare Network (THN) board of managers is comprised of eight members including:

  • 3 physicians – 2 private practice and 1 Cone Health employed
  • 2 Cone Health Representatives
  • 2 Community Representatives
  • 1 Medicare Beneficiary

ACO Participant Representatives

  • Richard Aronson, MD
    Guilford Medical Associates

  • John Campbell, MD, Chair
    Regional Center for Infectious Disease

  • Peter Whitfield, MD
    Piedmont Orthopedics, Cone Health Medical Group

  • Haywood Ingram, MD
    Central Carolina Surgery

  • Terry Akin
    Cone Health

  • Jim Roskelly
    Cone Health

Consumer Advocate

Lee McAllister
Weaver Investment

Medicare Beneficiary Advocate

Craven Williams
Guilford College

Operating Committee

The Triad HealthCare Network (THN) operating committee reports to the board of managers and directs day-to-day operations. Its 21 members are comprised of:

  • The 21-member Operating Committee  directs day-to-day operations:
    • 17 physicians – 9 private practice, 8 Cone Health employed
    • 3 Cone Health Representatives
    • 1 Community Representative

Operating Committee Members

Naima Dillard, MD
Employed by Central Carolina OB GYN, (336) 207-0624

Todd Gerkin, MD
Employed by Central Carolina Surgery, PA, (336) 580-0370

Bill Hensel, MD
Employed by Cone Health Family Medicine Center,  (336) 832-7308

Beth Hodges, MD
Employed by Hodges Family Practice, (336) 302-7458

Jeff Jones
Employed by Cone Health, (336) 832-8005

Richard Letvak, MD
Employed by LeBauer HealthCare, (336) 684-2650

Matt Manning, MD
Employed by Cone Health, (336) 202-3455

Chris Mattern, MD
Employed by Greensboro Radiology, (336) 880-3272

Mark Miller, MD
Employed by Kernodle Clinic, (336) 380-0374

Jim Osborne, MD 
Employed by Eagle Internal Medicine at Tannenbaum, (336) 274-3241

Martin Portillo, MD
Employed by Cone Health, (336) 663-5001

Christina Rama, MD
Employed by Cone Health, (336) 749-0076

Andres Ramgoolam, MD
Employed by Piedmont Piediatrics, (336) 338-1557

Rob Reade, MD
Employed by Eagle Family Medicine at Triad, (336) 852-3800

Ursula Robinson
Employed by Pace of the Triad, (336) 550-4056

Jim Roskelly
Employed by Cone Health (336) 832-8199

John Russo, MD
Employed by Guilford Medical Associates, (336) 413-1618

Bob Scott, MD
Employed by White Oak Family Physicians, (336) 465-1166

Mark Skains, MD
Employed by Cone Health, (336) 337-3854

Kevin Steinl, MD
Employed by Cone Health, (336) 508-0596

Kevin Supple, MD
Employed by Greensboro Orthopaedics, (336) 544-3900

Cone Health Contacts

Mary Jo Cagle
Chief Executive Officer, Employed by Cone Health (336) 832-9500

Steve Neorr
Chief Administrative Officer, THN, Employed by Cone Health (336) 663-5013

Jim Roskelly
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, Employed by Cone Health (336) 832-8199

Jeff Jones
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer, Employed by Cone Health, (336) 832-8005

  • The Nominating Committee assists in the development of physician board memberships.
  • The Credentialing Committee determines initial and ongoing membership criteria.