** If you are looking for participating providers for the benefit enhancements, addressed in your beneficiary letter-  Please click “Next Generation ACO Benefit Enhancements” for the most up-to-date information on participating providers.

How will healthcare reform affect you? The answer is different for each person. However, one of the goals of healthcare reform is to address the fragmented nature of patient care by coordinating hospitals, primary care physicians and specialists into networks. This network of providers work together with payers to give you better service and care. Your doctor will communicate closely with your other health care providers to deliver high-quality care and meet your unique needs and preferences.

How will you benefit? You will benefit by receiving care from a team. In addition to your doctor, you may have other provides such as physician assistants or nurse practitioners that assist with your care. In addition, your doctor will work closely with any specialists you need to ensure that the care you receive reflects a care plan that you, your doctor and your specialist(s) agree upon. Better coordination of care can reduce duplicate procedures and expensive trips to the emergency department. This team-based approach to care improves quality by emphasizing preventive medicine, improving communication and providing better management of chronic diseases. Your healthcare team will work together to provide the right care at the right time in the right setting.

An improved flow of information within your care team. Triad HealthCare Network will assist the members of your care team by providing them with the technology and support they need to better manage your care. We help your care team to use your health information to provide the best quality of care. We provide your team with decision-making tools that combine evidence-based medicine with other factors like values, uncertainties, and specific things that your doctor knows about you as a patient. We provide your doctor with a care management team of nurses, social workers, RN care coordinators, RN Health Coaches, and a pharmacist that can provide additional care coordination based on need to help you understand your health condition and help you better manage your medical needs. We provide your doctor with information on quality measures designed to improve care for all patients.

Easier access to care. You will have easier and quicker access to care. Additionally, your care team will be more accessible to answer questions and follow up with patients.

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