These Triad HealthCare Network benefits cost you nothing but benefit you significantly! By choosing a provider who participates with Triad HealthCare Network you can expect:

Improved quality of care

Triad HealthCare Network is 5th in the nation for quality in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, a national program that involves hundreds of organizations similar to Triad HealthCare Network.

Life-Centered Care

Our providers commit to your health whether you’re in their office, at home with family, or on a trip across the country. They are here for you, wherever you are in life.

Engaged & collaborative team of providers

Your team of health care providers will work together which translates into better timing, less wasted energy and a more affordable cost of care while still delivering high-quality service.

Increased connectivity of patient care

Triad HealthCare Network brings your medical history to your doctor’s fingertips which enables you to be treated as a whole person, considering all the things going on in your life.

Decreased cost & unnecessary treatment

Our providers keep cost down by eliminating duplication so you can be ensured your money is being well-spent on your care.

Improved access to health care providers

Our provider practices participate in efforts to open up schedules to you so that you can get appointments in a reasonable amount of time, consistent with your needs.