For more information, contact any Operating Committee member:

Tom Cone
Employed by Ott, Cone and Redpath, P.A., (336) 373-1300

Kelly Fogleman, MD
Employed by Wendover OB GYN and Infertility, (336) 544-7700

Jim Granfortuna, MD
Employed by Cone Health Cancer Center, (336) 832-1100

David Grapey, MD
Employed by Alliance Urology Specialists, (336) 274-1114

Art Green, MD
Employed by Piedmont Senior Care, (336) 544-5400

Bill Hensel, MD
Employed by Cone Health Family Medicine Center,  (336) 832-7308

Haywood Ingram, MD
Employed by Central Carolina Surgery, (336) 387-8100

John Jenkins, MD
Employed by LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield, (336) 286-3442

Josh Kish, MD
Employed by Greensboro Pathology, (336) 271-4930

Sendil Krishnan, MD
Employed by Triad Hospitalists, (336) 832-4380

Eric Mansell, MD
GEmployed by reensboro Radiology, (336) 832-7360

Jim Osborne, MD
Employed by Eagle Internal Medicine at Tannenbaum, (336) 274-3241

John Russo, MD
Employed by Guilford Medical Associates, (336) 413-1618

Kevin Steinl, MD
Employed by WFBH Department Emergency Medicine- Greensboro Region, (336) 508-0596

Rob Reade, MD
Employed by Eagle Family Medicine at Triad, (336) 852-3800

Kevin Supple, MD
Employed by Greensboro Orthopedics, (336) 544-3900

Carey Williams, MD
Employed by Carolina Pediatrics, (336) 574-4295

Pat Wright, MD
Employed by LeBauer HealthCare, (336) 547-1801

Cone Health Contacts

Terry Akin
Chief Executive Officer, Employed by Cone Health (336) 832-9500

Steve Neorr
Chief Administrative Officer, THN, Employed by Cone Health (336) 663-5013

Bob Goldstein
Executive Vice President, Physician Network and LeBauer HealthCare, Employed by Cone Health (336) 663-5011

Jim Roskelly
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, Employed by Cone Health (336) 832-8199

Jeff Jones
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer, Employed by Cone Health, (336) 832-8005