What will healthcare reform mean to your practice, your patients and our community? While it is impossible to know the ultimate outcome, as healthcare reform in a process rather than a single event, there are a few important givens:

  • Even if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is weakened or repealed, market-driven forces will continue to drive changes in healthcare.
  • These changes in healthcare will link reimbursement to quality outcomes for our patients.
  • Physicians who can save money, improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction through more coordinated and patient-centered care will fare best in this new era of healthcare.

Triad HealthCare Network (THN) is a way to help us prepare for what lies ahead. We provides technology and support designed to help combine evidence-based medicine with other factors such as values, uncertainties, and unique patient information in order to yield improved quality of care and patient access to care while controlling healthcare costs. THN offers resources to help provide the right care at the right time in the right setting. We encourage you to explore our website and to get involved in this important initiative. For more details on the benefits to physicians, Cone Health, patients and employers, please see the links below.

Benefits to the Physician

Benefits to Cone Health

Benefits to the Patient

Benefits to the Employer