Physician-Led for Exceptional Care

Triad HealthCare Network (THN) is a physician-led, knowledge-based, and care-focused organization. We aid our member providers in giving exceptional care to patients and our community. Our network provides you with the essential information and resources you need along with technical and information support to fully integrate care. All of our resources and programs look to ease the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment.

THN empowers our network with tools, resources, and expertise in order to:

Improve the Quality of Care

We provide you accurate, timely quality performance reporting and coordinate care and patient activities with your office. In the Medicare Shared Savings Program, Triad HealthCare Network providers ranked 5th in the nation for quality in 2015, achieving a rating of 99.8%

Manage the Health of Populations

We identify ways for you to impact the health of your patients, beyond the immediate reason for a visit.  We understand that education, reinforcement, follow up and care management in general, in conjunction with the right care, are often needed to attain good health outcomes.

Encourage Engagement and Collaboration

We inform you about Triad HealthCare network events and initiatives with a calendar and list of business-essential meetings. By working with cross-functional and integrated care teams, you and your patients will reduce the amount of time, energy and money which, unfortunately is often wasted in health care today.

Increase Connectivity of Patient Care

We provide you tools to access validated clinical information across the patient care continuum. Connecting to patient information holistically enables you to connect with your patients and their health more effectively.

Decrease Cost and Unnecessary Utilization

We provide reports on cost that show variations in utilization between providers, practices and divisions.  We see Triad HealthCare Network as a network of providers, working together to ensure consistent, safe, reliable and high-quality care. That ensures your patient is getting the right care in the right place and at the right time.

Improve Patient Access

Good quality care is accessible care.  THN works with our member providers and their practices to share best practices, to evaluate new approaches for accessing care and in general to enable the best means for your patients to get the care when they need, not just when we busy schedules allow.

Together, we make health care better. Call 1-855-484-6669 for more information or click here to inquire about joining THN.